I’ll be reopening the shop on limited basis, starting June 1st, with the following restrictions:
  • Appointments only, please. Curbside pickup and drop-off is available. Please call or email to make your appointment, or if you have any questions.
  • Hours will be Monday-Thursday from 8:30 am to  5 pm.  

FYI… Fridays at the shop will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for the foreseeable future. Please call or email before coming to the shop on Fridays just in case…Thanks!
Also, I’m not retiring anytime soon (in spite of some rumours- FAKE NEWS!)

Ron Partch with tuba valves


eing a musician has been and continues to be invaluable in understanding what issues brass players face and how to solve them. Brass Repair is a lot more than nice looking dent work and clean soldering technique. Understanding what actions contribute to ideal instrument response has been a lifelong quest. My customers, whether student or professional, receive the same high level of service. With an appointment, I can often process your instrument on the same day. All procedures are carried out on the premises by me. I utilize state of the art ultrasonic cleaning equipment, high resolution, fiber-optic video inspection as well as hammer-less dent removal tooling.



“I’ve convinced myself that Ron must place slides inside a flaming pentagram and chant over them after bathing them in a cauldron’s mixture of weasel blood, wombat claws, newt eyes and coral snake tongues. There’s no other way slides could leave his shop in such beautiful, nearly frictionless condition. If you’ve had Ron work on your slide, you know what I mean; if you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the discovery of just how good your slide can function. I’ve found that a “post-Partch” slide is so smooth that I almost forget it’s there. Ron elevates the craft of instrument maintenance and repair to an art form and is, hands down, the best I’ve ever encountered (and a great hang if you like low brass talk – and who doesn’t?).”

“Ron Partch is the only person on the planet I will let near my horn.”
I have been taking my horns to Dr.Partch for at least 30 years now. He is very innovative, resourceful, serious and proud of his work. I have never been unhappy with the results of his repairs and I can guarantee you that you never will either.
Guido Basso, Iconic flugelhorn and trumpet player and bandleader - The Boss Brass, Rob McConnell Tentet,, thousands of recordings
“What I look for in my equipment setups is balance…Ron has been invaluable in helping me find these in things in my instruments”
Michael Fedyshyn, Principal trumpet, Hamilton Philharmonic
“Ron Partch is the ‘Trombone Whisperer’. Without fail, a visit to Partch Brasswind results in a better-playing instrument. I can be confident that my horn is in peak condition when Ron is finished, and this confidence is reflected in my performance at work. If you haven’t let Ron review your instrument for instrument tension and proper pressure, I highly recommend you do so!”
Jeff Dee, bass trombone, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
“When it comes to being in tune with the art and the science of brass instruments, there are few on the level of Ron Partch. Beneath an unassuming exterior lies a sensitive and highly skilled craftsman who understands not just the mechanics of the instrument but the interaction between player and horn. He’s a rare breed indeed.”
Chase Sanborn, Brass Tactics
“Yamaha has been privileged to have a wonderful association with Ron Partch for over 30 years.Ron is without question the most gifted brass instrument repair person in Canada and one of the finest in the world.His work is impeccable and his musical background greatly assists his ability to perform custom work for some of the best brass players on the planet.”
Geoff Houghton, Winds Product Manager, Yamaha Canada Music
“Ron has been repairing my horns for the last 25 years & he is the best brass craftsman in the country. When my Miyashiro trumpet fell 4 feet onto a hard tile floor it was a mangled mess. Ron restored it to it’s original condition in no time. Thanks Ron.”
Dave Dunlop, Lead trumpet, Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass, Toronto freelancer
Ron Partch? — ….good choice…. For over 30 years, Ron has lovingly taken care of all of my tubas and cimbasso and, yes, he’s the great-nephew of the brilliant American new music composer/philosopher/instrument designer; Harry Partch!!!

Who’s Ron Partch?

Shortly after moving to Toronto in 1980 I became busy as both a Bass Trombone / Tuba player and as a repairperson.  I juggled being the bass trombonist in the Hamilton Philharmonic with being a regular sub in both the Toronto Symphony and Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestras. I also was a regular sub for almost all of the musical theatre shows that ran in Toronto from 1980 through the 90’s.

There was a desperate need in the greater Toronto area for a competent brass repair technician when I first moved to town. I was actually alarmed at how fast I established myself as the go to guy. Over the years, word spread to other areas about my work and now I have customers (professional and amateur) from every region of Canada as well as the northeastern United States.